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400 & FLEX Series Cylinder Removal

400 & FLEX Series Backrest Removal 

400-D & FLEX-D Seat Replacement


400 Series Backrest Pad Replacement

Saddle Stool Videos

 Backless Saddle Stool Foot Activator Swap  

 Backless Saddle Stool Cylinder Swap

RGP Asst Stool & Saddle Asst Stool Service Videos

RGP Asst Stool Mechanism Swap 

RGP Asst Stool Cylinder Swap

RGP Asst Stool J-Bar Swap

RGP Asst Stool Tilt Lever Fix

RGP Asst Stool Backrest Removal

RGP Asst Stool Seat Swap

RGP Asst Stool Foot Ring Removal

Armrests, Casters, Misc Components Service Videos

Backrest Spring Swap

Backrest Slide Lock Kit

Caster Swap 

Foot Ring Removal 

Arm Cup Swap

Old Lever Style Backrest Removal

Foot Activator Video

Packaging Instructions Videos

400-Straddle Stool

400-D/400-Hybrid Stool

Straddle Stool

RGP Assistant Stool

Straddle Assistant Stool

Posiflex Arm Supports (single or dual)

Relax & Hydro Arm Supports (single or dual)