“Ergonomic seating is one of the most important tools that the dental team has to increase their own comfort and productivity. The ergonomic benefit of the RGP stool designs is among the best I have seen in the industry. That, combined with the quality of the stools and the excellent customer support makes RGP my top choice for seating for the dental team.”
-Mary Govoni, CDA, RDH, MBA President, Clinical Dynamics

“In over 35 years of practice the RGP doctor’s chair is the most comfortable chair I’ve been able to find. It’s ergonomically designed, easy to use and very supportive for an aging back.”
-Bertrand S. Weisbart, D.D.S.

“Prior to purchasing the RGP ergo chair I had been using Adec Chairs. I would never really achieve a comfortable position in these chairs while working. I was having perpetual lower back pain and discomfort in my right elbow (I am left handed). The RGP chairs provided everything they were presented to do. My lower back pain has completely disappeared now I use the arm support for my right arm and the joint pain I was experiencing is gone. The chairs are very easy to adjust, also. The dental chair is something I use every single day. The RGP chairs have tremendously increased the quality of my work day. It has been a very beneficial investment for myself and for my staff.”
-Ray Christine, D.D.S

“For the past twenty-five years, I have had back problems due to poor back support while working at the dental chair. After using RGP Stools for the past two months, I have experienced a definite improvement in back support and diminishing of back discomfort.”
-Lester C. Liby, D.D.S., Ltd., Flossmoor, IL

“I am a pediatric dentist who has been in the practice nearly 30 years. I spend 2 days a week in the operating room and several years ago I noticed my back was beginning to bother me. I travel to 5 different OR’s and the seat is not always up to par. I bought your Doctor Stool with a left arm rest at the Hinman Meeting in Atlanta in 1998 and carry this stool with me from one facility to another. Since using your chair I have noticed that my back problems have disappeared. Because of that I am ordering another stool this year.”
-Charles A. Burdeshaw, DDS, Hermitage,TN

“Without reservation the most ergonomic chair available. A back saving addition to my office”
-Dr. Daniel Friedman, Seattle WA

“I love the chair. It has done wonders for my back. And I am grateful that I finally found one that works!! Thank you so much for the wonderful product”
-Dr. Robert Heidenriech, D.D.S., Marshall, MI

“Not just another stool with arms. My RGP Doctor stool forces me to sit right, comfortably and have arm support when I want it. My back feels great. Thank You!”
-Sue R. Megenity, D.D.S., Longview, WA

“I just wanted to let you know I’m extremely happy with my new stool. My back had hurt every day for over 5 weeks. I had seen my chiropractor and taken many Ibuprofen during that time. At one point riding in a car for 30 minutes or longer was almost unbearable. Since investing in your RGP stool, my back feels great! No more pain and no more pills! “
-Sue Melhorn, R.D.H.

“I purchased one stool in February -95, and a second one in February -96. I have never regretted having done so. Your stools are a pleasure to sit on. I have three old stools I no longer use as their comfort does not come close to The RGP Line.”
-Dr. Loren Goldstein, Glencoe, IL

“Since I have a lower back problem, it was difficult for me to find a stool that was comfortable. The RGP Stools backrests adjust independently, and therefore provide the correct lumbar support I need to work pain free.”
-Dr. Mark Schulz, Solvang, CA

“Prior to purchasing the RGP stool, my lower back and neck would ache after a working a long day. Now that I’m using this system with the arm rest, my lower back and neck have not really ached or been uncomfortable. The RGP Stool has been wonderful and I enjoy working more every day.”
-Dr. Robert P. Levesque, Fall River, MA

“These stools are simply a must in a dental office. Their versatility and ease of movement ensure the comfort of hygienists, assistants and partners. We’ve sat in a lot of dental chairs over the past years, and the funny thing is, this is the one area we all agree on – our butts and backs are happier!”
-Dr. Lou Graham, Chicago, IL


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